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Consumption is one of the greatest challenges for sustainable development. However, many of our daily consumer activities are routines and habits. Questioning these and establishing alternatives requires that we interrupt our automatic patterns and habits and explore what we want, what is good for us and how we want to deal with others and the surrounding environment. Opening up opportunities to develop new attitudes and behaviours in this regard is a major challenge for educators working to promote sustainable consumption and responsible lifestyles.

The practice of mindfulness can be a helpful approach to partially meet this challenge. This toolkit derives from the three-year research project BiNKA (www.mindfulness-and-consumption.de) that investigated to what extent practices and philosophy of mindfulness may contribute to education for sustainable consumption. The toolkit offers a variety of ideas and suggestions for teachers, trainers and other pedagogical professionals who, together with those they teach or train, want to experience and try out mindfulness exercises related to sustainable consumption.


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In addition to the toolkit, you will find audio files here that you can use as spoken instructions for the meditations contained in the toolkit. In addition, you will find the questionnaires also mentioned in the toolkit for evaluating your work with the toolkit.


The toolkit itself is an expression and interim result of an ongoing learning process in which we experiment with the introduction of mindfulness practice into educational work on sustainable consumption. We are very interested in getting to know your comments, assessments and considerations. Please send us your comments! We would also be happy to inform you about the possibility of a specially developed introductory workshop for the toolkit for teachers at your school or other educational institution.